Matt Abrams  CMT, HHP, CPT

Team Captain - Mentor - Pain Relief Specialist

Matt has over 15years experience as a certified Massage Therapist getting an early start in his bodywork career. He was an athlete that went through injuries at a young age and accredits bodywork to helping him through which sparked the passion to help others. Fast forward to well over a decade later and uncountable hours working with clients from professional athletes to serious injuries/pain problems he loves to share the knowledge he has learned along the way. Originally working in offices with doctors, physical therapists, chiropractors, athletic trainers, yoga gurus, olympians and 1000s of people of all ages and all athletic levels has been what led Matt to start Pro Body Therapy and to start training and searching out other world class therapists in the 'pro body method'. With a calming intuitive attitude you can count on Matt to help you find the best route to success for the long run. 

Zack Perez  CMT

Lead Therapist - Neuromuscular Specialist

Zack has a drive to help his and all bodies work optimally. He is a results driven bodyworker great with specific pain problems, athletes and general maintenance. His bodywork style can be described as a mixture of Neuromuscular Deep Tissue Massage Therapy with the utilization of the elbow to unwind some of the most irritable trigger points. He intertwines it with an eastern mindset of the energy flow of the body and using the power of breath to open those channels to flow freely again.

Elshia Vasquez  CMT

Neuromuscular Specialist

Elshia is a quality Neuromuscular based therapist that works great with specific pain problems, athletes and general maintenance. She would describe her bodywork as a team effort between client and therapist. She will help get you relaxed while targeting the area(s) of complaint and then send you home with information and a plan of care to get you moving right. She has experience working with doctors, athletes, performers, children and everyday people of all ages and sizes. 

Brook Sager  CMT

Certified Massage Therapist

Brook is energetic and very experienced therapist of over 15 years. She is occasionally called medicine mama bear for her ability to help people through all sorts of ailments and her nurturing feel. She does great with specific issues, pregnancy massage, athletes and everyday people. She is in-tune with your energetic side and can help you feel your best. 

Sabrina Skelton  CMT

Certified Massage Therapist

Sabrina is an experienced deep tissue / neuromuscular Massage Therapist that works great with specific issues including TMJ issues, back/neck pains, sciatic problems and more. She has experience working at different doctors and physical therapy offices over the years. You can rely on Sabrina to take great care of your body and show you proper habits to fix your problem for good. 

Joshua Cebellas  CMT

Neuromuscular Specialist

Joshua is a passionate neuromuscular therapist and athlete that's style can be described as a mix of deep tissue, stretching and rehabilitative techniques. His goal is to help the clients get out of pain and assist them in performing their best. He's an accomplish rugby player that went through his own injuries and surgeries which brought him into the field to help others. You can rely on Joshua to help develop a plan to get you feeling great. 


Sports Doctor, Chiropractor

Dr. Andy utilizes various physiotherapies and chiropractic to help keep bodies aligned and healthy. He was born and raised in southern California and during his undergraduate years at UCI he not only volunteered at Hoag Hospital but he also competed as a division 1 athlete on the Track & Field and Cross Country teams. He has a B.S in Biological Sciences with an emphasis in Neurobiology. Currently you can find Dr. Andy surfing at local beaches, taking Brazilian jiu-jitsu classes and playing soccer in local leagues.